Doggyman Healthy Soft Milk Biscuit 120g


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Milk Flavour: It contains lactobacillus (good bacteria), oligosaccharides, and also dietary fiber – which helps to promote your dog’s intestinal health. The dough, which is slightly sweet and has a rich milk flavor is baked to a moist and soft texture. These soft biscuits are easy to consume even for young dogs and senior dogs who do not like hard foods. It also contains yucca extract which helps to reduce fecal odor.

Healthy Biscuit for Dogs

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, vegetable fat and oil, baker’s yeast, milk (milk powder, sugar-free condensed milk), chicory extract (dietary fiber, containing oligosaccharide), lactic acid bacteria, glycerin, swelling agent, minerals (sodium) (Calcium propionate), yucca extract, antioxidant (vitamin E)


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