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FELIWAY Classic Diffuser is an excellent solution to comfort cats at home and avoid signs such as urine spraying, scratching or hiding.

Nurtures your relationship with your cat, by creating a loving environment at home. Continuous effect, provides constant comfort for your cat.
Clinically proven, Veterinary used and recommended

Feliway diffuser packs contains one Feliway diffuser plug-in unit and one 48ml Feliway pheromone vial.

Feliway is a feline facial pheromone, which mimics the cat’s natural pheromones, creating a state of well-being and calmness relieving pet stress.

Feliway creates a reassuring environment calming your cat and stopping such problems as scratching, excessive grooming, urine spraying, restoring your cats health and happiness.

Essential for a happy multi-cat household, one Feliway diffuser unit will cover 50-70 sq.m. of space.

Therefore, please check your house size as you may need more than one.

To stop urine marking / spraying, combine the Feliway diffuser with a Feliway 10% spray. For recurrent cystitis problems, combine a Feliway diffuser with the glucosamine supplement Cystease S.


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