Kala Health Arthrix for Dogs and Cats (2 sizes available)



This Is A Powerful Chewable Joint Support Supplement. All Ingredients (Msm, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Cmo, Ester C And Minerals)

~ Aids healing of injuries
~ Restores cartilage and improves joint functioning
~ Reduces age related joint discomforts
~ Made in the USA with US ingredients
~ Promotes better health, immune function and performance

Arthrix Chewable Tablets are the original joint health formula designed by the scientific team at Kala Health. The reason for ARTHRIX longstanding success has been the exciting combination of powerful pure natural ingredients unique only to this supplement. Each tasty chewable tablet includes not only the best vegetarian form of glucosamine on the planet called Regenasure, but also Kala Healths Core Blend of Joint Health Ingredients, CM Complex, OptiMSM, Ester-C and OmniMin. This power pack of natural ingredients when used in combination, are highly beneficial for the long-term maintenance of age-related or hereditary joint problems. Results come for using the right ingredients. CM Complex (Cetyl Myristoleate) is a powerful cetylated fatty acid that helps support the natural inflammatory response with the body. OptiMSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is the highest quality MSM found on the planet, quadrupled distilled for ultimate purity and also helps support the natural inflammatory response within joints. Ester-C (Vitamin C) is the gold standard long-lasting form of vitamin C shown to positively influence joint health. Last but not least each tablet included OmniMin Great Salt Lake Salts known to be low in sodium.

The ingredients used in ARTHRIX are all human grade purity and are widely recommended by many medical doctors and veterinarians. As with all Kala Health products only top shelf raw materials sourced from the USA are used. Active Ingredients per

Active Kala Wellbeing Arthrix for dogs. Enhanced formula of operation. Arthrix Active for dogs is a great healthy tasting supplement designed to provide joints with the required ingredients for an active lifestyle and optimum mobility, and to reduce joint-related discomfort. It involves only the ultra-pure. Ingredients of Pharmaceutical Consistency.


The leading brand only provides glucosamine, chondroitin and manganese.
Arthrix has 6 core ingredients. Why? Because that is what a healthy joints need.
All active ingredients are certified SAFE and/or ultra-pure.
Chewable tablets.
Acti-joints glucosamine HCl – 500 mg
Methylsulfonulmethane (OptiMSM) – 300 mg
Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) – 100 mg
Acti-joint Chondroitin sulfate – 67 mg
OmniMin – 15 mg
Zinc – 10 mg
Hya-Joint Hyaluronic acid – 7 mg
Manganese – 3 mg
Copper – 1 mg
Other ingredients:

Maltodextrin, natural flavourings, powdered cellulose, silicon dioxide, stearic acid

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