Sphynx Tofu Cat Litter Green Tea 6L


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Our Sphynx Tofu Cat Litter is made out of dried up tofu its 100% biodegradable and clumps up easily for easy clean up and it dissolves easily in water so you can scoop up the clump

and flush it down the toilet it does not get simpler than that. Another benefit is that Sphynx Tofu Cat Litter is made with no artificial chemicals so its safe for you pet and environmentally friendly

Our Cat Litter comes in 4 different fragrances Original ,Green Tea, Bamboo Charcoal and Lavender

Easy to scoop
Fast clumping
Super lightweight
Flushable and easy to dispose
No tracking
Suitable for cats of all life stages

Ingredients: Soybean Flour & Corn Starch

Usage Guidelines: Use as a cat litter. Clean, remove and replace as needed.

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