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Fresh Greens For Everyday! With Vitakraft Cat Grass, you can provide your cat with delicious, healthy cat grass at any time of the year. A valuable addition for your animal, because cats swallow a lot of hair in their daily hygiene – and the fresh green helps to excrete the hairballs created in the stomach more easily. ● Ready & ready: Set of germshell with mineral bottom and high-quality seed mixture ● Fresh cat grass at any time of the year ● For the supply of natural vitamins and minerals ● Helps the cat excrete hairballs ● Ideal for all cats Please always provide enough cat grass so that your cat has a healthy alternative to houseplants, as these are not suitable for cat nutrition and can cause poisoning. Directions for use: 1) Pierce the 6 pre-embossed holes in the bottom of the shell so that excess water can drain off. 2) Place seeds from the enclosed bag in the shell and mix evenly under the mineral bottom. 3) Place the germshell on the lid so that excess water is collected in the lid. Pour approx. 500 ml of water into the germination tray. 4) After about 3-4 days, the grass begins to sprout. Keep Cat grass moist at all times and place it in a warm, bright place without direct sun.

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