Webbox Cat Treats Lick-e-Lix Yoghurty Cheese & Taurine 5 x 15g

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Made with a soft yoghurt-like texture, Webbox Lick-e-Lix with Liver are the unique treat for your cat. Feed as a tasty treat, use as a topping or disguise crushed up tablets for your cat. These tasty and nutritious sachets make the perfect daily treat that your cat will simply adore!

Suitable to feed at any time as a treat, snack or reward. Please adjust your cat’s daily intake of food accordingly when giving treats to keep your cat in a lean, active condition. Fresh drinking water should be provided at all times.

Choose from these flavours below
1)Liver Sausage & Cat Grass (5 sachets x 10g)
2)Cheese & Taurine Cat Treats (5 sachets x 10g)
3)Milk & Yoghurt (7 sachets x 10g)
4) Liver and tasty yoghurt (5 sachets x 10g)
5)Chicken and tasty yoghurt (5 sachets x 10g)
6)salmon and tasty yoghurt(5 sachets x 10g)

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Milk & Yoghurt, Liver and yoghurt, Chicken & Yoghurt, Salmon & Yoghurt, Liver Sausage/Catnip, Cheese & Taurine


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